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Is your yard ready for summer?

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   Bobby Heller   

The Young Team Author Bobby Heller

Summer Lawn Care

Your house is clean, your closets and cupboards have been decluttered and organized… now what? As soon as the temperature starts rising and there are no more signs of snow, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your lawn for summer. Yard work can be a daunting task, so it’s best to break it up one section at a time. Check out our step-by-step guide for getting your yard and patio ready for summer!

Lawn Preparation

The best way to begin preparing your lawn for the summer is on a dry day, start raking leaves and picking up twigs or any other debris from your lawn. Once the lawn is clear, identify any problem spots where your grass may have been damaged by heavy foot traffic or pet waste. Make sure you do your research on the best fertilizer to use in the summer. Sprinkle a combination of grass seed, fertilizer and soil over the problem spots and keep those areas damp until the new grass begins to grow.

Tree and Bush Pruning

When pruning trees and bushes it is important to clip away dead or diseased branches to keep them healthy and allow more water and sunlight to reach their roots. Additionally, you can make cosmetic-based trims to your trees and shrubbery to give them a nice, clean appearance and prevent branches from protruding into walkways and high-traffic areas. It can be helpful to follow a while pruning, as each plant requires different maintenance.

Flower Bed Care

You’re probably pretty eager to run to your local gardening supply store to purchase flowers or seeds, but not so fast! First, clear any leaves, dead plants, weeds and other debris from your flower beds. Remove last year’s mulch and break up the soil to make it easier to start planting. Trees, shrubs and perennials can be planted in early spring, but you’ll want to wait until winter weather is officially over to begin planting annuals so that they enjoy a longer life. Unsure about what to plant and when? There are plenty of awesome gardening articles that will walk you through the process!

Patios, Decks & Walkways Cleaning

The grass is green, your shrubs are perfectly shaped and your flower beds are bursting with beautifully colored flowers. Next, you’ll want to make sure you have a clean and comfortable spot to admire your hard work! Now is the time to deep clean your patio furniture, remove mildew from decks and sweep patios and walkways. Here is a great on cleaning patio furniture. When it comes to removing mildew and debris from decks, patios and walkways the best tools are a patio cleaning brush and a pressure washer.

Do you have any lawn and gardening tips that you swear by? Let us know!


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